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Insuring your puppy

One of the most important things to tick off your to-do list is sorting out dog insurance. Our pets become one of the family and you want to be able to provide them with the very best care, should they fall ill or have an accident. Insurance will protect you as the owner financially, against such things as vet fees, which can mount up to huge sums of money.

Puppies can be so adventurous and mischievous that it is important to take out pet insurance as soon as possible! If you have received your new addition from a registered Dog Breeder Association member, you are entitled to a fantastic 12 weeks FREE insurance, with BreederChoice.

You have the choice of two different levels of cover, Essential Insurance, which provides protection for up to 12 months following illness or injury, or Essential Plus Insurance, which offers lifetime cover, providing ongoing protection. Both plans offer comprehensive cover at great value for money.

Policy benefits include:
•Vet fees cover up to £5250
•Kennel fees up to £1250
•Holiday cancellation cover up to £3250
•Cost of advertising and reward up to £1250
•Loss by theft or straying of up to £1000
•Public liability of £2.25 million plus many more!

To take out your BreederChoice insurance visit: today.