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Feeding your puppy

Your puppy will be fed only milk until they are three weeks old. At this age you can start to introduce them to solids. By now their eyes have opened and they are becoming more inquisitive. If they don’t seem to take to the food straight away then place a little bit on your finger to encourage them to lick it off.

The best type of food for puppies is probably the speciality puppy feed from companies such as pedigree. This food is made to be wet and smooth, therefore easy for the puppy to eat and digest.

Once it is time to bring your puppy home, the breeder will have weaned the puppy. The breeder will inform you on what she was feeding the litter and you are best to continue with the same food and same pattern. If you are desperate to feed something different, you must do this very slowly or it may lead to problems with digestion and tummy upsets.

When the puppy comes home it is more than likely to be eating four solid meals a day at regular intervals. This routine should remain in place until the pup is 12 weeks old. After this you can reduce the number of meals whilst gradually increasing the quantity.

Make sure that the puppy has access to fresh, clean water 24 hours a day. This water may need to be changed frequently as the puppy is adventurous and plays around. It is vital that the puppy has clean water. Put the water in a shallow dish to start with to make it easier for the puppy to drink from.