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Owners Tips and Advice

Our tips and advice section contains lots of useful information on a wide range of pet-related topics including pet health, exercise and play, discipline and taking your pet abroad.

Bringing your puppy home

Tips for bringing your puppy home

Choosing the perfect puppy for you

Tips on choosing the most suitable puppy for you and your family

Common Pests and Prevention

Information on the common pests which may affect your puppy

Do you know Dog Law?

Information on dog laws that all dog owners should be aware of

Exercising your puppy

Hints and tips on exercising your puppy

Feeding your puppy

Hints and tips on feeding your new puppy

Grooming your puppy

Hints and tips on grooming your puppy

Insuring your puppy

The Dog Breeders Association recommends that you insure your puppy

Training your puppy

Hints and tips to help you train your puppy

Vaccinations for puppies

A guide to all the vaccinations that your puppy may need