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My Dog eats the thong thing

Anyone who owns a dog will know that some dogs have a tendency to eat absolutely anything but when Brian, a four year old Samoyed had problems digesting his food everyone was surprised to find what had been causing the problem.

The x-ray showed a large bulge on his abdomen causing the blockage and so an operation was booked with his local vet to remove the obstruction. Two hours later the culprit was found, it would appear Brian seemed to have an unusual liking for silk underwear and more specifically thongs to which he ate three of them!

When Brian finally recovered from his ordeal and returned home four days later, he was back within hours on his thong diet. He was quickly taken back to the vets who were able to make him sick and avoid further surgery.

Brian’s owners are now being considerably more careful with their discarded underwear and ensure these are put straight in the washing machine to avoid Brian getting to them first.

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Does your pet get separation anxiety?

As the time approaches for the young members in a family to return to school after the holidays, give some thought for your pet as some show signs of separation anxiety when the person is no longer with them on a daily basis.

Signs that your pet may be experiencing this are that when the dog barks and whines before the person leaves or tries to stop them. When they get in, do they get over-excited to see them?

This can lead to destructive behaviour from scratching at doors, chewing the furniture and going to the toilet all over the house.

Methods can be done to minimise the chances of this happening by making their departure a happy time with toys and treats, also changing routines before school term begins to ensure the impact is less.

If the condition does not improve then speak to your vet who will advise on the best options.

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Notice: Katie’s dog, please come Holmes.

Actress Katie Holmes has reportedly offered $1000 for the return of her daughters Chihuahua which disappeared from their home in LA on Saturday.

Apparently the puppy called Honey managed to escape through the front gates of their home in Calabasas, Los Angeles whilst Katie and her eight year old daughter Suri were visiting friends in Beverly Hills.

Posters have been placed all over the local area for the safe return of the pup however the future looks grim for the small pup as the neighbouring area is populated with coyotes.

Katie and her daughter live in a gated community with the Kardashians as their neighbours. The house was bought by Katie and features 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and has a value of just under $4million however this is a comedown from the previous family home with Tom Cruise when they occupied a $35 million Beverly Hills mansion.

Let’s hope Honey’s return is not a Mission Impossible!

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Do you self-diagnose your pet?

A survey of 700 vets from all over the country has revealed that 98% of respondents believe that their client’s behaviour is influenced by what they read online. 40% of vets also stated that the information was unhelpful.

The survey which was conducted by the British Veterinary Association found that the most common reasons for a visit were from skin conditions and gastro-intestinal issues.

It was also noted that of the pets they see, 80% thought the owners brought the animal in later than they should have done. It is suspected that the financial implication and lack of understanding were the main cause of the delay.

Vets have concern that some people use Google to diagnose their pets and then purchasing medication online. A quick search on Google is not the same as a veterinary degree and attempting to treat the pet yourself can at the least delay recovery and at its worse may cause further problems and complications.

The internet can be a valuable resource for more information on a diagnosed condition by a qualified vet but it is not a substitute for taking your pet there in the first place.

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Caution advised if looking for a Pomsky

It would seem that designer breeds are all the rage at the moment and one of the latest puppies to catch people’s attention is the Pomsky. It is a Pomeranian crossed with a Siberian Husky.

The first thing that you need to be aware of is that you are actually getting what you want. As the value of this pet is quite high there have been instances where Finnish Lapphund puppies have been passed off for a Pomsky.

As this is a relatively new breed you need to do your homework before entering into any financial commitment to purchase the animal. This starts with the puppies parents. The sire should have been the Pomeranian with the Husky serving as the dam. This is due to the complications and health problem if the Pomeranian was to act as the dam. Make sure both animals are also registered with recognised kennel clubs.

When you visit the breeder, gauge how responsive they are to any questions you ask. Does it look like this is the first time they have bred puppies or do they have sufficient knowledge about both breeds of dog. Are they able to provide any details of customers who have had puppies from them before? Are the pictures they posted online those of the actual puppies of ones they have used from elsewhere? When everything else is ok, ensure you leave a paper trail when making payment therefore pay by cheque rather than cash. Remember this is an expensive purchase and can easily get into four figures so a huge pile of notes is not the way to go.

Finally remember that the puppy however cute it looks now will not stay that way forever and these puppies will grow to about half the average weight of the parents which is a considerable difference from how it looks now.

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Vending Machines installed for stray cats and dogs

In Turkey, a company who recycles plastic bottles and cans has come up with a novel idea for giving something back to the community. In return for you donating your empty plastic bottles and cans in their machine, when these are collected, the machine is also filled with dry pet food for the local stray cats and dogs.

You can now feel like you are doing something beyond being eco-aware, you are actually saving lives and ensuring the local animals have a source of food.

In Turkey there are some 150,000 strays in the country and no doubt they will rely on this food source. Some people however are not happy with this concept and fear that it encourages disease to spread.

We think this is a great idea and look forward to it coming to the UK.

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Charity skydive raises over £83,000 for Greyhounds

Dog lovers from all over took to the skies in Peterborough for a charity skydive to raise £83,000 in support of the Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT). Over 50 greyhound enthusiasts volunteered to support the charity.

On the day 51 people took to the skies to show their appreciation for the charity and raise as much money as they could while jumping from a plane at 13,000ft and falling through the sky at 120mph.

After the eventful day, the jumpers where joined with other dog lovers and greyhound owners to an after party where there was live music and an auction where supporters could bid for prizes including concert tickets and luxury hotel stays.

Sky Sports Reporter Julie Collier who organised the event is a retired greyhound owner herself, she said: “I love greyhounds and I always do all I can to support the Retired Greyhound Trust, as I think the work they do is fantastic! This special event that I have been organising for more than six months, so it is really great to see it all come together, with people travelling from all over the UK to face their fears and skydive more than two miles to raise money for this great charity.”

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Car Windows Smashed to save dog in car

As the fine weather has finally reached us, give some thought for your pet when taking him/her out in the car.

On such owner did not and in Finsbury Park, London left their dog in the car with no ventilation or water on one of the warmest days this year. They returned to find the windows smashed as the dog had been saved by the police who found the animal cowering in the foot well, desperate for water.

They were spoken to by Police and the RSPCA will also be carrying out a home visit.

The animal was left in the vehicle when temperatures in London that day were expected to reach 32 degrees. Most people don’t realise that when the temperature is 22 degrees outside, it can reach 47 degrees in 1 hour. Leaving a window partially open is also insufficient for a pet to stay safe within the car. It only takes about 15 minutes before an animal can sustain brain damage or death from heatstroke.

On warm days, always allow your dog to be able to move into a cooler ventilated area. Never leave your dog in cars, caravans or conservatories. Always keep a good supply of cool drinking water. Groom your dog regularly to get rid of any excess hair. Give long coated breeds a haircut at the start of summer. Do not allow your dog to exercise excessively in hot weather. Be aware that dogs can get sunburned too, speak to your vet about pet-safe sunscreen.

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Are these Britain’s naughtiest pets

We all know that pets can be naughty from time to time but some push this to the extremes. Each year more than 1.2 billion pounds of damage is caused to owners homes through badly behaved pets.

Meet Laura Vitty 25 from Newcastle who has a German Shepherd and Keeshond cross called Yodie. He seems to have a penchant for shredding cushions. He also chews and destroys his dog bed and countless other things but Laura wouldn’t be without him. His antics have won him the prize of naughtiest pet which was sponsored by Direct Blinds. Laura won a new blind and £500.

Second place went to Harry who is owned by Kyle and Kay Gregory from Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire. He seems to love nothing else but shredding newspapers and magazines.

In third place came Stoops, a black cat who opens the fridge door to get at the milk in the fridge.

Overall, dogs are the worst offenders with 52% of damage being attributed to them, following on close behind on 40% by cats then other smaller pets (hamsters/rabbits etc) making up the last 8%.

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Scruffy rescue dogs given a makeover to find homes

Usually when homeless dogs come into rescue centres, they don’t look the best they’ve ever been. Many look scruffy, run down, and even slightly threatening when they are behind bars and in cages, and unfortunately many people get slightly put off by this.

Teresa Berg from Texas, USA, has given a makeover to dogs needing re-homing in rescue centres across the state. This has been a huge success, with new owners snapping up the posh pampered pooches within a few days.

Miss Berg believes that thousands of dogs are put down every year simply because the pictures posted on adoption sites show them in a cage and looking like sure to bite your toddler.

It is only a few days once a new picture is taken by a photographer that the dog is adopted, proving the success of Teresa Berg’s idea.

Miss Berg is encouraging other professional photographers to donate their services and follow the same path as she, helping to rehome rescue animals by making them more appealing.

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